Fund Prospectus

The Fund Prospectus module of FundD covers the entire life cycle of the Fund Prospectus. In practice this document is updated regularly and various parties within an asset management firm will contribute with changes and comments. This process is in most cases manual and highly inefficient. The FundD Prospectus module addresses the challenges of significantly reducing the time, effort and cost of Fund Prospectus updates in the pilot and target languages.

The real value that the FundD Prospectus module adds is as follows: 

  • Reduce complexity of the process
    • Centralisation of document
    • Full workflow process and translation
  • Decreased errors
    • Formalisation and tracking of the whole process
    • Full blacklining capabilities
    • Ability to easily revert back to previous versions
  • Increase speed to market
    • Changes made and tracked easily
    • Only updated document parts sent for translation
    • Automatic typesetting
  • Mitigate Liability
    • User based access control
    • Fully integrated audit trail of all changes
  • Significant reduction in translation costs
  • Costs associated with formatting and typesetting disappear altogether.

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