Key Investor Information Document (KIID)

The Key Investor Information Document (KIID) is a two page standardized document aimed to simplify and highlight the crucial elements that a retail investor should consider when investing in a UCITS fund. Seqvoia has developed a web based software called FundD to author, manage, translate, publish and distribute the KIID to regulators and other interested parties. Documentation teams, globally detached can use FundD 24 hours a day. FundD will reduce turnaround cycles for fund documentation linked to product launches of new funds or share classes in Europe and Asia. It is fully compliant with existing UCITS regulation and provisions imposed by other regulators in Europe or in Asia.

Seqvoia’s management played a key role in the Alfi working group tasked with devising an operational approach to the UCITS IV requirements. This gives us an in depth knowledge of what is required from this directive and we apply this knowledge to assist our clients. Some of the largest asset managers in Europe trust SEQVOIA and FundD to produce and distribute their KIIDs

Click here to download the SEQVOIA KIID Flyer
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