Our Vision

Since our founding in 2012, our vision has remained unchanged. We have assembled a unique combination of business-side professionals and exceptional technology specialists, and we leverage their collective expertise to build systems and software that will transform the financial industry.


Everything we do revolves around the value of information. Our central mission is to give your data meaning and context, and to simplify and accelerate your utilization and dispersal of data, inside your organization and beyond.

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Image by Markus Spiske

Data & Reporting

We serve the financial industry with two key solutions.


Our new flagship, summit, is a data management solution that will jumpstart your team on its path to digitalisation. In the many challenges related to information, including access, distribution, and evolution, summit is the answer.


Our second solution, fundD, is an expert system focused on the production of regulatory and marketing reports. From data templates like EMTs and EPTs, through prospectuses and factsheets, to PRIIPs KIDs and more, fundD centralises key content and data, and seamlessly enforces consistency across all your disclosure channels.


With data bridged across the two solutions, summit and fundD systematically answer the challenge of managing critical information and controlling its flow to the outside world.


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