Meaning + context = knowledge

Delivering best-in-class investment products depends on the timeliness, accuracy, and quality of data distributed to clients and regulators. This has led to an ocean of information which today’s investment professionals must navigate, and the need to form a coherent picture from fragmented data. Your success depends on all your people and partners operating from the same unified perspective. summit will enable this vision to become reality.


summit’s ground-breaking approach to data management knocks down the silos, streamlining and automating the collection, validation, and delivery of fund static and dynamic portfolio data. With a framework that provides both meaning and context, summit transforms your information landscape, elevating you from the sea of data to the peak of true knowledge.

Analyzing Data
Image by Lara Puscas

Go beyond the warehouse

summit transcends the concept of the data warehouse that is traditionally used to collect siloed information. While summit unifies and synchronises data from multiple sources across the organization, summit’s true innovation is in collaborative governance. Beyond simply replicating information managed elsewhere, summit can digitalise any of your data management processes, offering unprecedented capabilities to expand and enrich your centralised data.

Best of all, summit’s plug-and-play framework enables both rapid onboarding and near-effortless expansion of your data scope, with oversight and controls consistently applied. As your business grows, you can be confident that summit’s solution will easily and organically scale with you.

Enhanced visibility and leverage

The summit solution is centred on the key insight that information has value only when the right people get the right information at the right time. Instead of relying on endless iterations of spreadsheets and structured documents that escape their distribution chains and quickly grow stale, you can offer summit as a one-stop information hub for your full scope of data consumers, including automated delivery for downstream platforms.


Not only will your internal teams, external partners, and dependent systems have customised views of the latest data from which they may serve themselves on demand, by freeing yourself from the burden of constant reactivity, you will win back precious time that you can spend on true value-adding activities to benefit your business.

Image by Amy-Leigh Barnard