Automated and scheduled

We support all the major fund data reporting requirements

Our market-best reporting solutions leverage a unified information ecosystem to quickly and easily produce data-consistent extracts across a wide range of industry-standard templates. With our set-it-and-forget-it service, you can schedule, generate and deliver European ESG Templates (EETs), European MiFID Templates (EMTs), European PRIIPs Templates (EPTs), CEPTs, OpenFunds data, WM-Daten files and more.  Our solutions enable you to manage your distribution networks, schedule reports, translate text and disseminate your data to websites.  We can also deliver UK specific reports such as DC Workplace Pensions Templates, Fair Value Mid-Price Template and Cost Transparency Initiative.

With all reporting templates drawing on the same single central source of information, and a permanent record of all disseminations providing an audit trail, our solution will give you total confidence in the consistency of your fund data across all distribution channels. 

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Comparative tools

We are data experts and we see the world through a data lens.  This enables us to see reporting from oblique angles and to identify unique tools to ensure you have clear oversight of your reports.

Our comparative tool enables temporal analysis of your reports giving you oversight and the ability to track trends and identify exceptions.

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