fundD - central source reporting at its best 


Our fundD solution will enable you to manage the production of KIIDs and PRIIP KIDs to an industrial scale. 


fundD, a proven and widely used technology, works by storing content in a deep and flexible content library, managing translations, storing data, rendering the required iterations of the documents based on distribution requirements, and then seamlessly managing the distribution ensuring consistency across all reports.  fundD's impressive document rendering allows for the production of high quality regulatory reports branded to your requirements.

fundD's temporal capabilities mean that future reports can be scheduled without losing any historical data.  This also means that fundD provides a full audit trail.

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The data driven prospectus

The prospectus is the defining document of every fund where every aspect of the fund is described and documented – its objectives, restrictions, board members, service providers, asset managers, fees, cut off times, exceptions etcetera.  Fund prospectuses are lengthy documents that are traditionally managed in text files and word processing documents, with versioning and sometimes with work flow.  The review process can be cumbersome and time consuming with key information needed by regulators and investors sometimes obscured due to complex language and numerous repetitions across different sections and contexts. 

We see a fund prospectus as data and all data can be structured and contextualised so that it can be used, re-used and packaged as required. 

Using fundD, the same centralised information source that underpins our PRIIPs and KIIDs reporting services, we also offer a unique and innovative a data-driven prospectus solution


Our solution breaks the prospectus down into data and creates consistency allowing for data to be used for governance, statistics, analysis and to be seamlessly shared with stakeholders downstream such as distributors, custodians, and service companies.

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SFDR Level II disclosures

The Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) requires funds to disclosure environmental, social and governance metrics on a pre-contractual basis, on websites and periodically.  This presents a challenge to asset managers to collate and distribute the required disclosures consistently and efficiently.


Using the power of fundcombined with technology we have custom built to leverage European ESG Template (EET) data we can produce, translate and disseminate the required SFDR Level II disclosures thereby ensuring consistency, control and delivery.

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