New! Integrated calculation service

FundD now features a fully integrated PRIIPs calculation and data management module. Simply upload initial data, and trigger calculations at the click of a button. FundD does the rest.

Supported calculations include performance scenarios, risk indicators, and more.

Consolidated data set

Calculated data is automatically re-integrated into fundD’s database, creating a comprehensive one-stop repository unique in the RegTech sector.

FundD's gold-standard consistency and compliance controls have been further expanded to oversee the new data source, ensuring confidence and reliability in your figures.

Tools for leveraging data

Calculated data is fully available for use in fundD’s powerful reporting and dissemination engine. Multiple industry-standard templates are supported, and may be generated adhoc or on a recurring schedule.

Output options include EPT, EMT, CEPT-RHP, FVPT, DWCPT, openfunds, WM Daten, etc., with multiple output formats. Calculated data also flows into data-driven documents such as KIDs/KIIDs.

FundD modules

SEQVOIA's fundD solution features a number of modules, helping you respond to a wide variety of business challenges

Data-driven KIIDs/KIDs

Data dissemination


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