Document production made easy

Whether you're an asset manager preparing these documents on your own account or a service provider preparing KIIDs and KIDs on behalf of others, SEQVOIA’s fundd is perfectly suited to support your needs. fundd is a Software as a Service (SaaS) state-of-the-art solution which delivers an efficient process to produce, translate and monitor your documents. It will reduce your operating costs while accelerating the document preparation turnaround, granting you access to markets faster.


Automated data input and output

Deliver data regularly to fundd using xml data feeds or rely on SEQVOIA’s services to provide data in your own format – we handle the conversion and import. Or generate fresh data on demand from within the application itself, using our integrated calculation service. Send your documents with embedded metadata via automated sFTP channels and distribute data using our bespoke reports and industry standard templates.

Consistency and cost-efficiency through reusability

Rely on fundd’s content library to store standardised content. Reuse this content across documents to reinforce brand image, ensure consistency and minimise translation costs – fundd ensures that the minimum possible set of texts are sent for translation according to your registration and distribution requirements.

Efficient document preparation and production. Enjoy fundd features granting you both high customisation capabilities for a single document and simultaneous updating for large document sets. Schedule document production in various formats (numeric, high-resolution for printing, with or without track changes for regulators).

Advanced monitoring features

Let fundd identify change requirements based on the data received. The system recognises changes to your data and runs regulatory enforced controls (e.g. UCITS sliding window test for SRRI or the MRM monitoring under PRIIPs). Users are automatically informed when any such change is highlighted.

Reduced time-to-market

Cut down document preparation time and accelerate regulator’s review by delivering consistent and reliable fund documentation.

FundD modules

SEQVOIA's fundD solution features a number of modules, helping you respond to a wide variety of business challenges

Data dissemination

Calculation service


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