Application forms

Our Fundd SaaS fully supports the creation and administration of investor application forms. Using the same content-library concept as our powerful prospectus engine, you can re-use linked material across multiple documents, manage translation workflows and enforce your brand identity by automatically rendering forms in customised templates, in a fraction of the time required now. You can even produce applications as interactive PDFs, allowing investors to download the forms, fill them out at their computers, and return them electronically.

Shareholder letters

Our solution allows for the creation and management of your shareholder communications. Centralising your text in a master repository lets you rapidly generate new documents by leveraging past material, updating only what's needed and tracking all changes over time. And our powerful translation workflow makes it easy to manage communication across multiple jurisdictions.


The content-management principles in our solution bring benefit when applied to document frameworks for your general meetings, from notices to proxies and agendas. We provide a structure for each document type, adapted to your standards, and define content blocks that efficiently manage translations and jurisdiction-specific requirements as needed. Our platform saves time and effort, and simplifies concerns regarding timing, compliance and audit.

FundD modules

SEQVOIA's fundD solution features a number of modules, helping you respond to a wide variety of business challenges

Data-driven KIIDs/KIDs

Data dissemination

Calculation service