Adaptive prospectus management solution

The prospectus is the central document in a fund’s lifecycle. Our SaaS eases the management of updates while keeping track of all contributions made by internal and external stakeholders.

Translation management as well as typesetting are automated, and localised versions produced dynamically - reducing overall cost and short-tracking time to market.


Seamless integration in the prospectus management process

Our clients work in Microsoft Word format on the entire prospectus, using a check-out and check-in process to track all changes made by different contributors. The integrity and consistency of the document is ensured.

Consistency and cost-efficiency through reusability 

fundD relies on prospectus fragmentation to ensure the minimum text is sent for translation, reducing costs.

FundD modules

SEQVOIA's fundD solution features a number of modules, helping you respond to a wide variety of business challenges

Data-driven KIIDs/KIDs

Data dissemination

Calculation service

Other documents