Mining the Prospectus for Gold

Your fund prospectus represents a much-neglected treasure trove of information on your product universe. SEQVOIA’s best-in-class prospectus software, which leads the market of European-domiciled funds with international distribution, will help you take advantage of this valuable resource.


Not only does our solution reduce both the time and effort of your regular prospectus update, our technology will systematically extract, as data, the critical product information embedded throughout your golden-source disclosure document. These data points — fund structures, costs and fees, risk categories, and more — are then available for seamless leverage in downstream materials and processes, from KIDs to readiness reviews.


There is great value in your prospectus, and the fully digital document is within sight. Let SEQVOIA show you the way.

Image by Maarten van den Heuvel
Contract Signature

Shareholder Letters, Forms, and More

SEQVOIA’s document solutions go beyond the prospectus. Our ground-breaking content management platform organises and streamlines the process of creating and maintaining a variety of mandated materials, minimizing the operational burdens of producing legally required letters and forms while supporting and enhancing the oversight that ensures your content meets the obligations of consistency and accuracy.