EPT V2.0 fully supported by Seqvoia!

We are pleased to announce that Version 2.0 of the European PRIIPs Template, as announced by FinDatEx in February, is now fully supported by Seqvoia in FundD, our market-best reporting solution.

The final approved EPT V2 can be downloaded from FinDatEx here.

Initially it was suggested that EPT users should use this new version by the end of the summer. As the new PRIIPs regime, and the requirement to transition from UCITS KIIDs to PRIIPs KIDs, does not enter into force until January 2023, questions have been raised about this timeline. At time of writing, the discussion is still ongoing. Bearing this in mind, it is not yet entirely clear when the previous version of the template, EPT V1, will officially retire, so we have decided provide maximum flexibility to our clients to manage their own transition to the new template. In practice this means that we have implemented EPT V2 ahead of schedule but that we will continue to support EPT V1 until there is clear consensus that the old template should be retired.

EPT V2 is very different from EPT V1, with new and challenging data requirements. In our design, we have added powerful and innovative validation and compliance features that greatly enhance flexibility and ease of use, simplifying the process of generating compliant template files based on available data. We believe you will find the new options strategically valuable, and we would be happy to discuss these features and our services with you so please do reach out to us.

Finally, looking to the future, we are already reviewing an early draft of EPT Version 2.1, which incorporates PRIIPs and UCITS data specific to the UK. We will have more to say in the coming weeks, but we fully expect to bring the same level of care and quality to its implementation.

Seqvoia’s FundD solution leverages a unified information ecosystem to quickly and easily produce data-consistent extracts across a wide range of industry-standard templates. With our set-it-and-forget-it service, you can schedule, generate and deliver European ESG Templates (EETs), European MiFID Templates (EMTs), European PRIIPs Templates (EPTs), CEPTs, OpenFunds data, WM-Daten files and more. Our solutions enable you to manage your distribution networks, schedule reports, translate text and disseminate your data to websites.

With all reporting templates drawing on the same single central source of information, and a permanent record of all disseminations providing an audit trail, our solution will give you total confidence in the consistency of your fund data across all distribution channels.