Data Templates Made Easy

SEQVOIA’s market-best reporting solution leverages a unified information ecosystem to quickly and easily produce data-consistent extracts across a wide range of industry-standard templates. With our set-it-and-forget-it service, you can schedule, generate and deliver EMTs, EPTs, CEPTs, openfunds data, WM-Daten files and more. With all templates drawing on the same single central source of information, and a permanent record of all disseminations, SEQVOIA’s solution will give you total confidence in the unified representation of your fund data across all distribution channels.

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Image by Amelie & Niklas Ohlrogge

KID / KIID Automation

The same centralised information source that unifies SEQVOIA’s reporting services also supports the most powerful KID/KIID factory available anywhere. A deep and flexible content library is linked to our core repository of structured fund data, creating a state-of-the-art document assembly line. Featuring integrated translation management, bulk distribution and archiving, and a complete history of all updates and actions, SEQVOIA’s cutting-edge document manufacturing capabilities will enable you to produce greater volumes of disclosure material with more speed, more accuracy, and a reduced net investment of resources.

Data-Driven Factsheets

SEQVOIA brings its decade of knowledge and experience in data management and industrialised document production to the automated rendering of factsheets. Employing a fully template-driven approach, SEQVOIA’s solution efficiently funnels time-controlled data into client-specified layouts, using an extensive range of powerful business rules to dynamically tailor document outputs for each targeted investment audience. And by leveraging the same centralised master data source that drives our entire software ecosystem, reliability and consistency are enforced with the economy of scale.

Image by Daniele Levis Pelusi

Centralise Your PRIIPs Metrics

SEQVOIA has answered one of the greatest challenges of the current regulatory landscape by integrating the calculation of PRIIPs-related figures into our information ecosystem. With decades of combined industry and computational experience, our sister company RiskConcile has developed a dedicated software suite encompassing the fastest and most flexible calculation engines on the market. Data synchronisation across the platforms enables seamless operation, rapid turnaround, and reliable results for consistent disclosures across all channels.